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TraumaticBrainInjurySupport.org is a dedicated patient-to-patient support community for families affected by traumatic brain injury. TraumaticBrainInjurySupport.org is powered by http://www.bensfriends.orgpatient support communities for rare diseases, and is run by volunteer moderators who have been affected with TBI, consider TraumaticBrainInjurySupport.org your second home. TraumaticBrainInjurySupport.org, as well as the rest of BensFriends.org’s patient communities, is free for members to join.

2 responses to “Welcome To http://www.traumaticbraininjurysupport.org”

  1. B_Mac says:

    I am high functioning but feel bored out of my mind. Can’t fly and have to be on meds that make me tired. I feel extremely wound up and over stimulated most of the time. Memory problems and kind of numb emotionally. Can’t get a rush from running anymore. Does anyone have these same problems?

  2. Treyfortheday says:

    My TBI was caused by a MVA in 12/1992. Frontal lobe damage so short term memory is my biggest challenge. I lean on my calendar on my phone for med reminders, etc. etc. I am also high functioning (Beta Club in HS). I was a classroom safety instructor for a billion dollar a year corporation (that you know). I have actually tried to visit some hospitals in Atlanta area to help patients remain positive. Does public speaking give you challenges ?

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