15, 6, 7

Though my title looks similar to that of a, maybe familiar Chicago song, still there is meaning behind these three numbers. Lets begin from right too left with the number seven. In seven days it will be the sixth anniversary of a personal near death experience of mine when I was hit by a car while riding my bike home from the gym. With me sent into a coma shortly afterwards every year when the month of May comes my way emotions inevitably come to surface. That Sunday (May 22nd) should of been the end for me, as to this day, I am amazed that I am even writing this post too begin with: I am blessed. Now, to the third number. In 15 days, I will be returning to school taking an online course at the community college.

For now, all of these past memories have begun to re-appear slowly into my conscious. Often I have been one to make mountains out of mole hills though I am thinking this situation to be a bit different. The reason that I say this is that I am staring the mountain right in the face. I have switched majors and have a-lot of schooling still too go, but the best part of being diagnosed with this injury is that it has taught me to never give up.

I plan to do just that.


Italiansun, it’s so great to hear from you again, and fabulous that you are moving forward and making progress.

Hang in there, friend!


What an uplifting read! You’re doing so good my friend, and I am so happy for you:)