this not a blog about brain damage. its about the bloody weather here,

rain rain and more rain, freezing winds anr floods.

if i didnt know different id say it was winter.

good old blighty. nothing changes .

i going to have to have a word with him upstairs

pray for some sunshine.

went to cemetary yesterday to see my mum. i sit and talk ti her for ages.

missing her so much, she was my heart i spent all day every day with her.

when i was in hospital i didnt find out she was in the ward above me,

i got sectioned because i tried to see her.

when i eventually saw her she had days to live. oh god i miss her,

she was buried a week after her death. my so called family left her in a wet bed for three days.they tried to say that the doctor wouldnt come out. that was bollocks. every time i phoned the doctor he was there within the hour,

then they are saying she didnt love them . there is a special word for my family but i wont use it here.,

I am very sorry to hear about your mother, ruby. You must miss her very much. I hope writing about her loss has helped you just a bit.