Traumatic Brain Injury

Clouds in the sky


Within my six year span of having this injury, depressing events have slowly made less impact on my life as a whole, but still they come and go all the same. Life right now is going pretty well but another “dark cloud” has returned to my mind. After so many attempts I remain to be a single and it sucks!! I have all of you on this site and everyday I am so grateful, but why can’t I catch a break!? Maybe I let the perfect person out of my sight and now its too difficult to make a recovery of it. All the same, when you have a TBI YOU ARE DIFFERENT. I do not mean to say this in a condescending tone, but its the truth of it. Unless someone else knows what you are going through and is as understanding of your struggles as you may be, it makes it difficult to find tranquility. Is it just me trying to build that mountain from a mole hill or is there a chance for each of us to find love? The best thing one can do, I guess is remain hopeful…

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I think you can find love, you are loveable. Hang in there, sweet Italian, it will come. Sometimes when I am mega focused on something and want it so badly, it seems like I subconsciously push it away. If I can distance myself a bit for a while, either what I wanted comes to me, or I can get focused on something else, I feel better either way.
But, no its not too late for you and I am proud of you for going back to school and your other accomplishments. I think you are doing awesome!

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Hey Italian,
It’s been a while since I’ve seen you on here, so great to see you’re still around.
I have to agree with Aly in regard to relationships. I’d been hunting for years only to be let down repeatedly. I came to accept I was never going to find love and gave up on looking. Then out of the blue it found me. My then girlfriend and I were together for 9yrs, then got married. That was almost 14yrs ago, so from a ‘confirmed bachelor’ to a happily married man, something that I was certain simply wasn’t going to happen for me. Now, I don’t play Lotto at all 'cos I figure I’ve used up all my luck in finding my wife.
I totally agree a TBI does change things, but there are people out there who have an understanding and are willing to try. Don’t lose hope, often hope is all we have. I found that once I got on with life, things seemed to simply fall into place, with no (or very little) hunting on my behalf.




I feel the same way!



Thank you for the words of encouragement! I’ve gone through two relationships since my injury and now after a couple years of being single I guess its just getting to me. I’ve been going through this change of direction in my life and do wish I had a companion to go through it with but, as you both have said I will try my best to keep patient.

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I hear you. That sounds hard. Anything is possible. Keep at it. You’ve accomplished so much already and that is a pretty desirable trait for people to discover in you. So yea, all TBI people are different: they are a lot more determined.