Complex migraine

We had an ER visit last night with our 13 year old son. It’s been almost a year since his accident, where he sustained a moderate TBI from a fall. Yesterday, he was having difficulty with vision in his left eye (almost a partial blindness, especially in his peripheral vision), then went to a head ache, and then to numbness in his left hand, arm, and left side of his face. The ER doc diagnosed a complex migraine and thought it might be cause by the TBI. Had anyone had experience with this? Any recommendations on how to deal with it? He’s doing okay today, tired with a small headache, but that’s it.

My suggestion is a good headache only clinic!

When I lived in Chicago I used the Diamond Headache Clinic, people from around the world go there, they even have a floor on a hospital for bad cases and close observation…

Im sure there are others, but this place has been on the cover of Time magazine numerous times.

I wish you the best of luck!