Did anyone else lose this place?

I have it saved in my favorites…for about 2 weeks ago I was getting the 404 error message…Luckely I was sent an email that brought me here…I thought it was gone?

Any one else? or are there still people lost like I was?

Something had to change that the shortcut stopped working?

Ohh, you did make it back davOD? that’s great. We seem to have lost a few in the transition, so it’s good to see ya back. Somethings have altered badly in comparison to the previous host, and as for chat… …well, I’ve only been lucky enough to catch up with one other member in chat here and with this format you can’t tell who is actually online, nor in chat, which is a bit frustrating. If you go for a look around you’ll re-orientate yourself a bit. I’m hoping others will do the same and we can all meet up again. Missing everybody.