DO You Wear Hats Now?

I have a question. SInce my accident, I ALWAYS wear a knit hat and I mean always. It can be 100 degrees out there. I do not know why.

I did develop terrible sensory issues and hate my hair hanging down. But I don’t like it up either.

Plus, I wear earplugs all the time so the hat covers them in my ears so no one sees them.

I just like the way it solves all those troubles.

I am sure people wonder why I still wear a hat, but I can’t help what they think

Yea Okrad, I do. After all the surgeries I have had my head is like a topographical road map :grin: with holes and scars running every which way. Initially, post surgery, I didn’t, but people would look at me side ways and ask questions like “WTF happened to you…?” so now I cover them up. The fact that I’m losing my hair doesn’t help. I wear a baseball cap as otherwise I sweat something shocking under a knitted hat and the added heat gives me a wicked headache. I don’t need assistance with getting a HA, they come naturally.

After the first surgery I had some awful audio distortions, like rushing water with each step I took. Earplugs only intensified this sensation as the noise was in my head. The dr’s sent me off to a psych as they couldn’t explain it. Turns out that there was an issue and it was semi resolved after the 2nd bout of surgeries. ‘Semi’ as it was still present just not as intense. It also had a massive effect on my balance and still does. I’m really unstable when I first stand up, takes a few seconds to get my balance right, often with me getting all dizzy and falling backwards.

I am dizzy, too, a lot. And I have sensory overload all the time. I just feel safe with my hat. I don’t know why! :slight_smile:

Do you find the dizzies are a positional thing? moving from laying to sitting or sitting to standing?? That sensory overload is awful
I spose I see the hat as a safety thing too. Nobody judges when they can’t see the scars/holes.