Traumatic Brain Injury




It has been a long time since I posted and have missed talking with people who understand what it is like to live with a TBI.

I was on my mobile for two hours, since then I have had two petty mall funny turns. :frowning: I feel worse for wear. It saddens me knowing that I cannot escape. :((


Hey Danielle,
Ohh boy, do we understand. Things can be travelling along ‘OK’ and then we get a reminder just how un ‘OK’ this all is and I must admit, I hate it. I ‘try’ to ignore things when I can, but often doing so only ends up exacerbating symptoms even more so. If anybody tells you the acceptance of this reality is easy, they ain’t ever been here themselves. There is simply nothing easy about accepting it all and here I am years later still having the same battles.



Hi Merl,
It was a long time since the last epilepsy I thought things were looking up. I need to feel normal and being around in here I do.


Hey Danielle,
I find those intermittent symptoms often the hardest to deal with. I have an issue with hemiplegia, one side of my body seems to give up. I can go weeks and all seems OK, then I can have a day or even just a few hours when my arm or my leg or my whole right side goes all tingly and won’t work properly. I can never tell when or why or how bad it’s gonna be. It can start off as a pins’n’needles in my hand and only affect my hand or it can progress to include my eye, my arm and my leg not to mention the headache.
If it was a daily thing, OK, I’d just add it to my list and know that it was going to happen, but when its so varied I can’t tell, I can’t plan around it. A bit like you, when I think all has settled and things were looking up… …here we go again. I’ve tried to explain it to others but just get a look of disbelief, but it is nice to know I’m not the only one dealing with intermittent symptoms, even if it does annoy the daylights outta me.