Traumatic Brain Injury

Getting worse

Hi everyone it’s been a while since I’ve been on here . I seem to really be going down hill with my short term memory and didn’t really gain much of my past . I can remember some things and others not so much . I don’t understand why at almost 3 1/2 post accident why it’s getting worse is this normal ? . Brain scans next month then maybe I can find out . Still have explosive anger to idk . I don’t want to sound like whiner but it is so hard just to navagate my days . Is this normal ??? Thanks for listing to me .

Hey Brent,
Is that normal? Well, it is for some of us. And I know, for me, the real frustrating bit is that I don’t no why I can remember some of the most mundane of things and yet the things I need seem to have vanished. My anger is not so much with others but with self, but to others it can seem that I’m annoyed with them. I’m forever apologising.

My scans don’t seem to show much. The physical aspects of the brain ‘seem’ ok, but from my view the circuitry is a mess. The daily headaches are extreme and all the medicos can tell me is ‘That’s normal’, even years later. So they have no answers. I try to work around it all as much as possible. I use a diary to assist me to remember. A ‘To Do list’ for tasks and the diary for appointments etc. I ‘try’ to pace my activity as much as possible to keep myself within my limits but this is not always possible as those limits vary massively. What can be OK today can be too much tomorrow, I can simply never tell. Trying to manage all of this is not easy.

So, is this normal? With the variability of it all nobody seems to be able to give me a yes/no answer, but please know you are not the only one trying to manage all of this, that I can guarantee you of.


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Thanks Merel , it’s just crazy trying to make sense of all this it’s like a bad dream that you can’t wake up from . Thanks for the feed back I appreciate it

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No problem Brent, we know 'cos we live it too
“… it’s like a bad dream…” Even bad dreams ain’t this bad.
This is nasty bad 'cos we’re still awake.



GOOD GRIEF You guys have it so damned easy. I have to deal with this by myself. The rehab clinic I was going to the doctor retired two years ago and no one was fpound to fill her shoes so it closed. My peer groups closed because the clinic closed and no facilitator which I could damned well do if I did not have so many other things on my plate. I have only had one MRI and it was done wrong no spect scan and my primary car doctor is such a lazy bastard he will not look at my file whic is a couple feet thick and he has no clue as to how my TBIs effect all the other now old age problems since I am approaching 60 that are coming up. Hell it took me four hours two weeks ago to replace the distributor and spark plugs in my car and it used to take under an hour and now I have carpal tunnel in both hands so my hands lock up. I aint quitting. Go back to things that you wer taught as coping stratigies and start using them. Take notes and post them where ypou will see them and get back to getting your own shit done. Life is a shit sandwich every day take another bite.

I may have figured it out, Merl. Missed you. How r u and the wife? :heart::purple_heart::revolving_hearts::musical_note::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking::nerd_face::kissing_heart:

My initial msg was withdrawn??? I’m still not techo savvy, like you…xoxo

Hi @hartcreek! You’ve got some great advice here. Using coping strategies is an important part of dealing with any disability, and a tbi is challenging because it obviously impacts your ability to think. Technology can also be super helpful in remembering things, keeping notes, etc. My sister had a traumatic brain injury about 10 years ago, and I can see how badly her ability to process and remember is. Coping strategies are useful, as is seeking out support. It’s a shame that you don’t have a local support group any longer, but at least you have this.