He's Home!

Hi all!

I wanted to check in and let you all know that my brother is home! He's staying with my Mom & Dad right now. He is doing well, he came home August 29th and the last week I feel was an adjustment process. I believe my Mom & Dad have a good routine worked out. He is walking with a walker or cane and they added a brace to his left leg to help him when he walks. The brace seems to be working out pretty good, he had to get it adjusted b/c it was causing him a little discomfort. He is cracking jokes as he always use to. His overall posture has gotten better, we no longer feel the need to say, sit up straight, keep your neck up. He is also getting more back in his left arm, the movements are coming a little more natural but he still has some struggles.

Before he use to say some goofy things here and there or he'd think he was still in a job that he hasn't worked for about 6 years. It seems like it's coming back more and more and his short term memory has gotten better, before he couldn't remember what he might have had for lunch, but now he does remember things like that.

I wanted to turn to you all to see what kind of activities you did at home to alleviate boredom. My parents will take him for a walk somewhere different every couple days and he was out for a hair cut and to get some new shoes. He has therapy at home for the next couple of weeks before he goes back for outpatient therapy and we do stretches and what not with him as well. He has his TV with the netflix and all of his movies, he also gets a decent amount of visitors between family and friends. But is there any type of game or activities you could all recommend?

Sometimes I get angry because I think why did this happen to him, how unfair it is and will he ever be able to do things like work, live on his own, drive a car.. etc. This group has been helpful to me to see how fair several of you with a TBI have come. Throughout all of this, it inspired me to go back to school for my RN so hopefully I can someday help someone who is going through this. My mother and I also got matching tattoos of the traumatic brain injury awareness ribbon, one of my goals in life is to generate more awareness for TBI.

Thank you to all of you for all the support and advice throughout this. I'll be sure to check in again.

Displaying photo.JPG< this is the tattoo we got. :)

I'm so glad your brother is home and doing well, casey.