I am there now

it took my wife and my pastor 3 weeks convince me that he was not at my wreck site. so i understand from his point of view. i still have problems in that area and i am 8 years post. it was and is not easy for me to accept that my wife and others are living in "the real world" and i am in "my world" so to speak. i had to learn to accept the fact that they were and are right. man that is hard for me to say that she is always right, lol. it takes understanding on your part and that is not easy. understand he truely believes he is right. proving to him you are right may only make things worse. in the case of the copper fitting tell him you forgot what it looks like and can he tell / explain to you what it looks like then leave and look for it. if you dont find it tell him then ask him to help you look for it, if it is in his pocket after looking for it for a short while ask him "whats that in your pocket?" be understanding and that will bring about patients. TBI is a life long injury. a person gets better but after 2-3 years the "getting better" gets a lot slower to the point of reaching a plateau. you have a very hard job. by telling him that you know it is hard for him after the TBI you let him know you understand, accept and are willing to help him thru this process of reprogramming his brain. that is exactly what you have to help him to is to reprogram his brain. a part of his brain has died but there is plenty more where that came from but it needs to be programmed.

i hope this helps. if i help more let me know..

Randy in Terrell, tx