I am tired of it all

It has been awhile since I sign on. Been going through a lot with husband. Been under a lot of stress. Nobody understands. I am so tired of everything anymore. It best for me not to say nothing, I been keeping silent. It seems every-time I open my mouth, I am always saying something stupid. I just want to cry.

Pain in my heart is from the negative things I hear around me every day. So maybe if I keep my thoughts and feeling to myself I won't be such a burden on my Adult children nor husband. Husband just don't listen. He only has selective hearing. I am so confuse and to the point where I am scared to make choices afraid they will always be the wrong choices. Never mind. I am sorry I am rambling on. Why can't I be normal and live a normal life. Since my head trauma, my life change drastically. I can't think anymore. When I do think I am do the right thing, it turns out in my husband eyes I made the wrong choice, dam if I do, Dam If I don't! so what is the use.

Dparwaugh55, seems you are very frustrated…a lot of what your going thru is common to many TBI survivors. I would suggest a brain injury program…There you will find many who do understand and services that can help with navigating your TBI. Maybe use that anger and channel it into something creative. As for your comment of “why can’t I be normal and live a regular life”…well, the reallity is that your brain has changed, thus you have and your relationships have. Once you completely accept this you can begin to build a new “normal” life. Don’t let that TBI push you around, try to think positive and be patient with progress. Hope this helps!

Thank you guys it does help lift my spirits up and hear something encouraging and positive. I do write a lot. I live with other health issues. Seizures and anxiety and memory lapse but it good to know I have a place to come to for support. blanezbrain, very encouraging uplifting words, it does help thank you so much.

I do get frustrated of people who think just I am deaf due to my TBI, they I am stupid too. They don't give me the benefit of the dealt. It may take me a little longer to comprehend but I do get most parts of what they are trying to explain to me. I didn't ask for this TBI nor wish I didn't have it but I do and it has became part of my life now and if I can accepted what gets me frustrated they cannot accept the fact I am not gone to be the same person I once was. It is not gone to happen so I wish they work with me instead making it more complicated for me. Sometimes my brains don't work the way I want it to work. My hearing is just than I am deaf impaired and have been since the accident. I accepted it. I wish family and friends around me would accept it as well. Is that to much to ask?