y’all I hope Merle is ok, I been hearing that Oz is having some wildfires and Merle probly needs prayer and good thought ok hop to it, get those hands together


Thanks John. I’m ok, but as you’ve seen some people have lost everything. Australia usually has fires but this is unprecedented, we’ve never had this many fires covering so much of the country.
I’m not a prayer myself but knowing we’re in your thoughts helps. Thanks.


**Alrighty then, 8-1-2021, and checking up on you again
Hope you are well mate.

Hey Johnbarry,
It’s been a while. How are you going?. Me? ahhggg, same, same. I’ve been put back on the medical roundabout, I’ve actually got a specialists appointment later this morning, but I’m not expecting any great miracle/answer. I’ll just go through the routine and see what they come back with.

Hope all is well with you

Gosh Merle
That’s not much to look forward to is it? (Medical Roundabout)?
So the new word in our global vocabulary is ‘pandemic’, and more and more people have begun to think that since the survival rate is so great then
Why worry about it? Many different opinions floating around
Well I hope you are getting along alright. I myself have gotten this far by
Using what I see is a bunch of common sense and I hope I have enough of that to get me through to the next century.
Take care, thanks for the note