Never been made to feel so bad as right now!

Hi everybody I’m so to message you ell here but I’m feeling really down today! Even with all my evidence etc today I lost a court case against a plumber who did a bad job of my bathroom! And to make things even worse the judges, court never took my brain injury into consideration! In fact the judge had a go nothing was wrong with me etc! I struggled so bad! And to make matters even worse I have to pay the plumber £350 even though it’s cost £6500 to repair what he did :scream: also originally my house was flooded so now o don’t know what I’m going to do, the whole house needs repairing! I have no carpets upstairs and I can’t do it because now I won’t get my money back! I’m so lost right now! Why don’t the courts recognise Brain Injury are hard to keep up in at the best of time! Sorry if this makes no sense! I’m so tired of fighting minute of everyday!

Sounds like a tough situation.
Did you self represent or have a lawyer do it for you.
I know lawyers can be costly, but they know the jargon to use and the processes the courts use. I’ve had to engage a lawyer to battle my insurer and it did cost a bit, but it saved me the hassles of trying to manage the insurer. I did try to do it all myself but the insurer was difficult beyond belief, making an already difficult situation even more difficult.
Trying to get people who should know brain injuries ie dr’s can be bad enough. So trying to get a court to comprehend can be near on impossible. In stressful situations my emotions can be a bit of a mess, the last time this occurred I went to tears in the most inappropriate place at the most inappropriate time. It was a build up of stress that just burst out of me and I felt like such a fool. So now, in stressful situations I try to use an advocate, someone to speak for me.


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Chris first know that everything will be fine. It will be. Everything is going to work out fine, just know that.

Is the house safe to live in? Do you have your basics like meals and heat? Are you sleeping? Make sure you have that figured out.

Now do what Merl said: Find a legal advocate. They exist. And they change your situation from impossible to resolve into possible to resolve.

It isn’t realistic to expect survivors to represent themselves in court, at least, I couldn’t do it. So, that is a next step: find a legal advocate and talk about ways to move forward.

You are absolutely not the first person to deal with this, so, there is someone that can help you here.

I may not be that person but please know and I and everybody else are here with you.


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