This is actually Brendan’s spouse and I have a question that I can’t seem to get an answer to so thought I would go to a support group to see if anyone of you have had this problem. My husband had a neuropsych test and it is saying that he is faking or malingering the symptoms. How do you cope with this when I live with him 24/7 and no he is not faking and it’s to the point my kids and I are about to go over the edge. His symptoms are very real and dead on with a TBI how do you get treatment and help if the one test that the neurologist was depending on says he is faking?

Excellent question Brendan's spouse. I think some of the other members will have some tips for you.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated

You get a second opinion.

Were you taking this test on request of SSD, WC, or LTD?

Workers Comp

He was driving a dump truck when the front tire blew and caused it to roll twice. We have only been married a year this past May but together three years. So I have known him long enough to know this is not his norm. He almost fell today from dizziness going down our front steps and had to sit down. That’s why I am reaching out I don’t know what avenue I need to go down all his medical records document a TBI but yet this neuropsych doctor reports that his actions is not neurological.

You definitely get another neuropsych test from another provider. It feels insane to me that someone would dare to say someone is faking! I know getting a 2nd opinion might be hard due to cost, but it sounds like it is important to do. What support are you getting for yourself, Brendan's spouse? You probably don't feel like you have time, but it is important to take care of yourself too. Good luck!

Unfortunately Dr's, friends and even sometimes your own family assume you must feel the same way on the inside. So not true. See another neurologist. I went to one for neurologist, highly recommended, and after 3 months of waiting to see him, he just looked at me and said you are lucky to be alive...this I know. On how to control the nerve pain he gave meds that made me sick. Against his advice I stopped taking them. Never take no for an answer. Only you or your husband knows how truly bad he feels inside. The best of luck to you and your family. Sincerely, One Mom

Thanks for all the responses. Yes we are the ones who see it experience it and live with it. I will find another neurologist and get another appointment set up.

I agree with the other members - get a second opinion - who would fake a TBI - that is insane - I have also found that if you are going to one of the WC doctors they usually try to make it seem as though you are healthy so they don't have to continue to pay benefits - WC is the worst - you sound like a strong lady - keep fighting the fight and look for an independent doctor that has know connection to the outcome of the diagnosis.

Yep, worker’s comp will always take the employers side. You must get a second opinion. For advice as to what to do, who to see, how to pay, etc. Call your states brain injuy association…also you can speak with somone from your states disability advocates. The should be able to recommend a comp lawyer which you will need. You can also contact brain injury association of America too. You can find their contact info online. Keep the faith, and dont let the comp Dr rattle you too much. That’s there job. From TBI Survivor who has been through it all. Feel free to keep asking questions.

Thank you I did not know all this help was available

I am aware of this question that they ask during the course of the Neuro-Psyche exam. My son has had 3 and in the report they talk about the malingering question. All 3 of the tests he had confirmed the TBI diagnosis. One of these Neuro's was the one for his SSID and I fully expected her to pull a fast one but that didn't happen. What I have had trouble with is the therapists seeing him do not see his behaviour at home...he tries to act better than he really is and then we fight about them releasing him from one part of the program that I KNOW he's not ready. Keep coming on will be your hubby's best advocate and you will find the help you need here. Try the Doctors tab on his profile page to see if there are other Neuros in your area. Or try to connect with someone here from your may be able to find help closer to home.

I agree with everyone here, need a different Neuro and contact the TBI association for your state. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. Don't lose hope...YOU know what is going on better than anyone.

PeacenLove Always~Laurel aka GotTHATCall

Thanks I can’t wait to get home from work and research all this. My husband had a grade 3 concussion which is severe and every doctor he has seen since the accident documents TBI but kept saying this test was the most important. Then get these results. I am just gonna research it, pray about it and not give up. I would welcome anyone in my home to just sit and observe or converse with him and they would say that he definitely has a problem.

We go see the doctor that says he is faking it tomorrow, need lots of prayers. I did get him scheduled to another neuropsych doctor for Feb. 3rd will see how it goes

It is so good that you are going back to the doctor who said he was faking it. Do you have a list of questions written down? I find that helps me if I think of what I want to ask ahead of time. I'm so glad he has another neuropsych scheduled too. Lots of prayers and healing thoughts to you all. Keep us posted! :)

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I am sending out last sos to all or anyone who can hear me. I am snow bound and I cant see keep losing mroe of sight, I am scared some one one listen. I not suicidal. am just sick. my child is ill with von wiillebrands disease. my family is 2000 miles ayawy.

Can someone help this lady

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