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How has your life been affected by a disability? (Yours or someone else’s.)

What experiences have you had with disability issues? What can you add to the author’s do/don’t suggestions?

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I could write a book!..Well its almost 13 years now, so 13 years not driving! The frustrations of people not understanding a TBI ?..I swear they think I must be mentally Ill as no woman cares to date me. And I tried for a few years.

To make my life easier I got a service dog 3 1/2 years ago…Well I thought it would make my life easier…So many fakes and people who dont understand the rules…I paid big dollars for my dog, and some clown goes and buys a phoney ID card and there dog is out of control!

Lost my family and only have one kid who even cares to keep in touch!..Its difficult for sure, but living on my own and enjoying peace and quiet …Its about all I got…

I have had a disability from my brain tumor. My disability is that I have executive functioning skills, bad impulse control, and short term memory loss. Most of my disability comes from the fact that I had surgery and where my tumor was located in my brain. I have a hard time gathering my thoughts and following multiple steps. I also struggled in school bc I would learn something and when I got home I would forget what I learned that day. Every time something happens I try to keep improving overtime

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