Traumatic Brain Injury

Relationships/Dating Advice

I find it difficult to open up to guys who I date about my TBI. They seem to never understand the challenges in my life or how much I have accomplished. Is their any dating sites that I could use to find people with similar experiences? Does anyone have advice on how to tell the other person your dating to understand where I’m coming from?

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For me its the complete opposite!?..I have been open, and even proud of what I have accomplished, yet warn of all my weaknesses…Its never goes farther…Not even friendships…Get treated like I have some disease?

2 years ago I really stuck my neck out and tried…No luck at all…

I have given up, and will spend the rest of my life alone…

Im sorry your having problems. It hurts and that much I understand…My best to you and I hope you find a guy that listens, and understands.

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I am sorry that you have difficulties. I think there have been some others who have had similar difficulties. Many people don’t understand. I guess we who are doing well are kind of outliers in the expectations of how people typically respond. It is sad.

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i am up front about my injuries because I do not have time to waste with women that can not deal with my injuries. There is nothing that I can no do with out modifications but I will never be rich. I spend much time in the woods and I can not find a woman that is not scared to poop on a log.

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