Surviving short term memory loss

I struggle everyday with short term memory loss and I was wondering if anyone else suffers this side effect and how you cope with it? Some days are better than others but, it is still something I struggle with everyday. I do not have the time to write down every thing I do, think, want, say, etc. I have a hard time deciding what to write down and how. I would appreciate if others who have memory problems talk about what helps them and hopefully we will get new ideas from each other by sharing and find new ways to cope. Please and thank you.

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Hey Snow angle,
This is a common issue, one that I have. I have been using a diary for years as part of my former employment. So continuing that has not been so much of an issue for me. Rather than writing out sentences I have found using key words has helped, even using small drawings or symbols to trigger remembering has assisted. I do still forget things and find the frustration extreme. Others around me tell me it’s not such a big thing, but I find it HUGE. My memory used to be one of my qualities, without my lists I would be lost.

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Yep, for 6 to 7 years, my strategy that I learned from therapy, was my memory book…It does take time…I used different parts of it to keep things straight…appointments on one, running shopping list on another…And if you meet someone new write their name down quick before you forget…So I guess we would all do it a little different?

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Snow_angle, I feel the same way. I don’t have any other ideas, other than the ones that have already been suggested. I do know when I get stressed out over my memory issues, it seems to make them even worse. So, try not to worry about it too much - I know that is easier said than down.

I use a digital voice recorder. If you get a real one they cost as little as $15USD. If you buy a smartphone they usually come with it. You can listen to to it whenever you want like when you are feeling good. If you listed to mine, then when, over time, I say the same thing 3-5 times, then I automatically know it is important.


“Some things in life cannot be fixed, they can only be carried.” ~ Megan Devine

After seven years of coping, adapting, employing various stratagems I still find myself in a room wondering why I am there. Or I will dial my daughter’s phone number only to forget why I called in the first place. It just goes with the territory; however, it does get get better.
I have found that memory is much like any muscle in the body, it develops with exercise. To that end I took up writing as a hobby and as an exercise in short term memory. I have written four novels and had one article published in a literary magazine called “The Ravens Perch dot com” on the effects of over-stimulation in Acquired Brain Injury survivors, euphemistically termed “Flooding” entitled "The Conversation."
So, do not be afraid to do things, you will forget stuff, we all do; however, you have a great excuse for being forgetful that the rest of the population does not.

be well

Hi Snow angle,
I have short term memory as well. I used to be organized and able to multi task before my TBI. Now, if I don’t write it down…more than likely I’ll forget. What I learned in PT or rehab was to always use a day planner. I write all important events on it as well as Dr. appointments etc. Sometimes, I’ll review it once a week and remember things of importance, so I put it on there. It helps a lot. Another thing I do is use a clip for my car keys. I clip them on my purse when I’m out shopping or doing other things, so I always know where they are. It saves time from having to dig in my purse as well as loosing them. In addition to the clip for keys, I have a designated area on my wall the has hooks for hanging keys. Those are the few things that have helped my with short term memory issues. Hope these tips help.
Oh yeah, use sticky notes too!