Swanson's beef broth eases pain, nerve tension, calms

I think you all will be amazed at how this simple addition to your life may help you :blush:I theorize it’s because one of the ingredients has every b vitamin in it. I’ve been taking b12 for years, but never felt this beautiful calm and pain relief as I do with this beef broth. I hope this helps you too :blush:


Great that you’ve found something so simple that makes you feel so much better! (And it isn’t expensive or fattening … woohoo! LOL) Broths (or, as they are now fashionably called, bone broths) have long been a home remedy that people have sworn by, for all kinds of things that ail us.

Do you think it has to be a particular brand, or might any brand do? Have you tried homemade, from bones you get from the butcher?

One of the points I’ve seen made about bone broths and stocks is the amount of sodium they sometimes contain. Maybe check with your doc on that one.


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Awesome :blush:
I tried my fav organic beef broth brand, it didn’t have yeast so I think in my special brain injury case, that’s why I felt more of a change within that Swanson’s brand. I think it was also low sodium. Good to check. But with any broth the addition of “brewers yeast” or “nutritional yeast” would add the vitamins too. :grin: I must stock up now that I’m near a health food store, get some affordable brewers yeast :sparkling_heart:

Wow I found out why I was so craving glutamate! Glutamate converts to Gabba in your body, Gabba is the neurotransmitter that blocks other neurotransmitters so that you can feel calm… And I have been prescribed Gabba by my doctor a non-prescription herbal supplement… And it helps me so much… No wonder I was craving glutamate and just found so much more relief from that particular brand of breath… And my favorite way of getting glutamate now, is reishi mushroom tea! You can get it in capsules to and I can help you get it if you want butt just try to get some reishi mushrooms it comes in herbal supplements to and that will just really help your brain injury! It’s science! :slight_smile:

here’s the videotalkin about reishi n gaba, i know from my own experience this stuff is true! YAAAAAY! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ganoderma’s a nother name for reishi :slight_smile: