Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI and sleep


I found an interesting article regarding the importance of sleep in recovering from a TBI and thought it may assist others. It’s certainly an area in which I have had issues.


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Thanks for sharing that. Sleep wellness has been a continual area for improvement in my life.


I have an issue with staying up late, try to get about 5 or 6 hours


Hey Rick,
That’s one of the reasons that I posted this here, as I too have issues with my sleep patterns. I try to keep sleep time and hours of sleep regular but this is not always possible. Sleep management is important for the brain, but management can be a real battle. I’ve tried medications but find if I use it for 2 nights, come the third I can’t sleep without it. Then if I use it for 2 weeks I find I need more and more to obtain a decent night’s worth. For me it becomes habit forming, so I try to avoid using it. I end up in a vicious circle of needing sleep but needing to avoid using meds to manage it. Grrrr. Again management is just such fun. NOT.