Thanks For The Warm Welcome

Hi! I'm new to the site, just signed up today. I have been spending a lot of my (ample) free time researching TBI, and much of what I read discourages me, so I was glad to find this uplifting page and I think it's a great idea. One of my biggest problems in the aftermath of my injury has been the utter isolation. I feel disconnected from my family, my friends, and often even myself at one of the most frightening and confusing times of my life. I'm sure if you're a member on this site you already know what I mean. I don't know yet what I have to offer this site, but I've only been a member for an afternoon and I've already received two welcome messages to brighten my day. It helps to know I'm not alone on this crazy, confusing, frustrating, and surprising journey to recovery that we're on (it's good to know) together.

Molly, art for your profile! Glad to see your creativity. Art is such an excellent tool for healing the brain and the heart. No need to feel isolated anymore…There is always to something to read, something to learn and sharing your story can empower you and inspire others!