Traumatic Brain Injury

Video games, movies, etc

Does anyone else get lost when playing a military-based video game or a watching a movie? Its almost like my self gets lost and I’m really there. After I play a game or watch a movie, it doesn’t end there for me. I’m still in that mindframe. I can feel their fears and anxiety. I guess because I feel that way every day? Not minimizing what soldiers go through. I couldn’t even imagine doing what they do, day in and day out. I was just wondering if anyone else has that problem. I have TBI and have had over 20 concussions playing ice hockey for 6 years.

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I have kept away from video games as I feel I would get addicted and not stop playing.
Movies are very hard for me…Nothing to exiting, no gore, as I cant handle it…
I remember early on watching a movie standing next to the tv cowering holding the remote…after being memorized by the action I finally remembered/figured out that I could turn it off…

Sounds crazy, but thats what happens!..So kid movies or funny movies for the most part…

I am the same way. Disney movies and cartoons are more my speed. Every once in awhile, I want to watch action/military movies but watching them reminds me that I am not the same person I used to be. Yeah, no horror movies definitely!

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I am the same in many ways. I can not get out of the mindset, I often can’t sit still, even suspense movies are sometimes too much to take. I drive my husband nuts…poor guy. I’ve shown this post to him and hearing that others are going through the same thing helps him understand. It’s tough to explain because I don’t understand it myself. Thanks for opening up this topic.

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