You're entirely bonkers

So I switched neurologists and saw the new one today. It went as expected.

She took one look at my records and immediately zoned in on my "Depression" "Anxiety" and "PTSD" diagnoses. I was like "Oh boy, here we go..."

She gave me the cursory tests, but I could tell by her mannerisms that her mind was made up already and she was just doing the rote. I failed every one of her memory tests, balance tests, and focus tests, and I was tripping all over my words and was speaking like I was in slo-mo because my mouth and tongue had gone into one of their numb and fuzzy episodes. -.-

She's convinced I am having a psychosomatic problem, not a physical brain problem.She wouldn't even refer me to a neuropsych, just gave me a list of regular psychologists.

Unh hunh. I haven't had any problems with Depression, Anxiety, or PTSD in many months now. My psychiatrist is highly pleased with how things are going and she is convinced it's NOT a psychological problem.

Another day, another copay, and nothing to show for it.

I guess I'll go to one of the psychologists on this list and pray I get one that isn't nuts.

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I am a bit confused on your post...a lot of rambling....I get it...can you try to explain better?

Are you looking for a special psychologists?...

I am no expert, but Ive seen a specialist for 7 1/2 years, and my accident was 8 1/2 years ago....

I really want to understand your feelings...and yes I do understand a copay wast of time and money part....

Oh, I'm referencing earlier blog posts all throughout. If you haven't read my previous blog posts, I can see why it wouldn't make sense.

Long story short, I have a long history of doctors focusing too hard on my diagnoses of Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD and using them to explain all my neurological problems away. My tests always come up "normal" but my problems are not normal and I am sure it's not related to Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.

So I wasn't surprised that this new neurologist behaved in the same manner many of my doctors have in the past.

I'd like to see a neuropsychologist, but she didn't think I needed one, so the referrals I have are for a regular psychologists to discuss my "abandonment issues."

Ok, if you get a neuropsychologist you know all they do is testing correct?... No meds, maybe some therapy for your brain( it sucks and is brutal)....

Are you looking for documentation? Have you directly called a neuropsychologist?... I understand for insurance reasons you need a referral for most Dr.s...

I do hope your persistence pays off for you...Dealing with this crap makes life hard enough, we sure don't need any more BS!

Yes, you've got it! I'm just looking for documentation at this point. I'm trying to get on SSDI, get a wheelchair, and a service dog. I am trying to get a referral to a neuropsych but this is as close as I can get so far. I'm just trying to show that I'm following doctor orders.

Unfortunately since my MRI's, CAT's, and EEG are all coming back "normal," doctors at this point are thinking I'm just making it all up...while at the same time admitting that their testing isn't all that accurate and they don't understand all of the mysterious ways of how the brain works.

I'm ready just to go out and live my life. I just want a couple prescription and a write off for disability and I'll be good to go.